All about Key Cutting


Have you tried going to a hardware or locksmith shop to cut a new key for your door lock? Did you experience any problems? If not, then you were in good hands since this job requires intricate skills and the proper machine for cutting your key replacements.

Here are some important information about key cutting service:

Equipments Used

There are different types of keys our dear customers want us to replace or duplicate in St Petersburg, Florida. To make our job accurate and efficient, we have various machineries for key cutting, and here are some of them:

  • Laser
  • Automatic
  • Code-based key cutting machine
  • Manual type

Common Mistakes in Key Cutting Service

If your newly cut key doesn’t fit inside the lock cylinder then, you’re a victim of an inexperienced locksmith. Here are some of the common mistakes in key cutting:

  • Misaligned key cut
  • The key cut is  too deep or shallow.

Is It A Restricted Keyway?

If that’s a master key or a key to your high security lock then it’s a restricted keyway.  Its duplication and replacement are limited to its accredited locksmith shop.

Can You Cut A New Key Even Without the Original?

A trained locksmith will have no problem cutting your new key even when the original is lost. They can still do it using the key code of your door lock. The locksmith will just retrieve the key code and input that to the machine to create the replacement key.

How Does Key Cutting Work?

All locksmiths use a blank key for this process, and they would usually ask for your original key. Generally, the process doesn’t go beyond an hour with the aid of the proper equipment.

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