How To Enhance Your Home Security


The rising cases of break-ins and lockouts in St. Petersburg, Florida, and surrounding areas call for more stringent attention in improving the security systems installed in your homes.

Here are 8 tips you can do to enhance your home security in St. Petersburg.

Rekey Locks

Lock rekeying is a cost-efficient method of updating your door lock security if you want new keys to actuate it. It’s applicable if your existing door locks are still functional.

Install a key safe

Instead of placing your duplicate keys under your floor mat or plant vase, installing a key safe into your wall is more advisable. It’s a mechanical keyless lock that requires a passcode for you to unlock the key safe.

Go for a restricted keyway

A restricted keyway is ideal if you want to control the duplication and replacement of your keys. You can have that by installing a master key system or a high security lock.

Consider installing a double cylinder deadbolt

This is a good secondary or primary door lock for your main entry/exit door. Deadbolts have reliable bolt strength and a hardened metal case to resist hammering and drilling.

Don’t rely too much on your screen doors and windows

Your secondary screen doors and windows are never a deterrent for burglars yet, they help ward off insects and mosquitoes.

Install CCTV cameras outside your house

Most households are installing surveillance cameras to add more security and get a record of their house 24/7. Some modern CCTV cameras can be remotely controlled via WiFi or Bluetooth connection.

Add an alarm sensor and rod to enhance glass sliding door and window security

Glass sliding doors and windows are vulnerable to burglary yet, you can enhance its security by placing a rod on the track, and by installing an alarm sensor.

Check your garage door security

Your garage door is also an entry point for burglars to break inside your property. You can improve its security by installing enough lights outside and a surveillance camera.

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