Methods How to Prevent Home Burglary


Whether you’re leaving your house for work or vacation, it’s always beneficial to implement safety measures to avoid burglars from breaking into your residence.

Here are practical things you can do to enhance your home security everyday in St Petersburg, Florida.

Reinforce your door security

Be sure that your door is made from solid hardwood or steel so that burglars cannot just kick inside. You can also adopt some of these things:

  • Installing a deadbolt and steel strike plate
  • Go for high security locks
  • Install a door sound alarm

Check your windows

Your glass windows are also a vulnerable entry point for burglars. Here are some ways for you to boost its security.

  • Place a window security film to decrease visibility while strengthening it
  • Install sensors and bars for your sliding glass windows

Have enough lighting outside

Burglars would think twice if your house is well illuminated outside since they’ll be visible to anyone. You can also install motion sensor lights.

Be mindful of your garage

This is another entry point that you need to check on. Here are some things you can do to improve garage security:

  • Upgrade your garage door opener
  • Cover your garage window
  • Have ANSI grade 1 or 2 as extra locks
  • CCTV cameras installed outside
Install a home security system

There are a lot of home security systems you can install in your residence today. Check them out and install the most efficient one that matches your budget and security needs.

You can also check on their compatibility with your smart locks to have a smooth synchronization if you want to link them all up.

Encrypt Your Internet

Most home security and access control systems are driven by the internet, so you need to encrypt your wifi router to prevent hackers from stealing your passwords and personal data.

You must only use a private network when trying to remotely access your home security system.

Install a Safe

It’s also a great plan if you’ll install a safe into your wall or underneath your master bedroom. You can keep your valuables inside and choose a strong password for them.

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