Top Automotive Locksmith Services You Need


A reliable locksmith company not only brings solutions for residential and commercial security but also for the car owners in St Petersburg, Florida. If you still haven’t found a locksmith for that, then The Locksmith Guy is your trusted choice.

We have extensive experience and training in the field so you can count on our expertise in resolving your car lock and key security concerns. Here are some of the common auto locksmith services offered in the industry:

Car Key Replacement

We can accurately replace different car key types: mechanical keys, laser cut, transponder, or car key fobs. We have the latest equipment for that and you can count on us anytime.

Car Lockouts

Being locked out from your vehicle is a frustrating situation since you’ll be late for work or meetings, plus you’re stuck on the roadside. You can resolve that by calling an emergency auto locksmith near you.

Luckily, we provide 24-hour locksmith assistance for car lockouts anywhere in St Petersburg, Florida.

Reprogramming Chip Keys

Our technicians are also trained and certified in reprogramming your transponders and key fobs onsite. It’ll just take less than an hour to finish this task, and then you’ll be back on track.

Malfunctioning Car Door Locks

We are also an expert in fixing or replacing your car door locking mechanism. Our locksmiths will inspect that, before applying the right solution. All locksmith work is guaranteed to satisfy your needs on the roadside.

Opening Locked Trunk

Besides your car doors, we can also safely unlock your locked trunk in less than an hour. We have the right tools to do that, and other car locksmithing works you need.

Rekeying or Replacing Ignition Lock Cylinders

Our locksmiths also have the training and license to rekey or replace your damaged ignition cylinder. If your car key is stuck on the ignition, we can also safely extract that out.

Looking for a Certified Automotive Locksmith Near You?

The Locksmith Guy is your trusted auto locksmith expert in St Petersburg, Florida. We have years of experience and training in the industry so you can 100% rely on our skills and knowledge for resolving car locks and key problems.

Call us anytime, and we’ll be there in 15-40 minutes.

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