What You Need for Commercial Door Security?


Your building, office, and store in St Petersburg, Florida, deserves the best protection against burglars and lockouts. This means you need to invest in quality doors and keyless entry systems.

If you need a reliable locksmith to help you, contact The Locksmith Guy today. We have trained, licensed, and insured technicians for it. Below are some tips you can adapt for enhancing your commercial door security.

Surveillance Cameras

Installing CCTV cameras outside your building and all entry points is a good way to boost your commercial door security. You can have surveillance on who’s coming in and out of the building.

Access Control System

This security system is useful since you can monitor the access of the people in the building. You can generate temporary passcodes for guests and they’ll expire on a specific date and time. This one goes well with your CCTV cameras.

Door and Window Sound Alarms

If there’s an attempt to manipulate or destroy your door and window locks, these sound alarms will activate. It’ll create a distraction and attention to the entry/exit point which has been compromised by burglars. You can also link this to your access control system.

Go for ANSI Grade 1 Door Locks

For commercial establishments, an ANSI Grade 1 door lock is most suitable since it can withstand huge pounds of force and lock manipulation. Your door locks can hold on longer, enough for the authority to arrive.

High Security Locks

It’s also a proven solution for business establishments to invest in high security locks since they have a restricted keyway and more durable steel body. Some of the trusted brands in the market are Schlage, Kwikset, Omnia, Baldwin, and Weslock.

Finding a Trusted Commercial Locksmith in St Petersburg?

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