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Locksmith in Clearwater – The Locksmith Guy covers the whole community of Clearwater, Fl, and nearby areas with superior locksmith service that guarantees customer satisfaction. We perform this by ensuring your home, establishment, and car are safe and secure.

Furthermore, since we operate locally, it helps us provide quality assistance immediately for our customers. With a team that masters the routes around Clearwater, all you have to do is inform us of your location and we will dispatch a local locksmith into your area.  Our company provides the service you need most and offers an immediate response during emergencies or not.

If you are interested in how we can secure your property and valuable, here are some of the services we offer.

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Locksmith in Clearwater - Our Services

We are the company to call out for all the Locksmith services required. We offer commercial, auto, residential, and emergency locksmith services for clients in and around Clearwater. We have a professional team waiting for your call.We offer the following professional locksmith service at a cheap price:

icon Lock change

icon High-Security Safes

iconOpening Car Door

icon Locks/Keys Repair/Replacement

iconLock Installation

icon Access Control

icon Program Car Key Remote

iconBroken Keys Removal

iconAnd many more

icon Master Key systems

icon Lockout Service

icon Lock change

icon Master Key systems

icon Locks/Keys Repair/Replacement

icon Lockout service

iconLock Installation

icon Opening Car Door

icon Broken Keys Removal

icon Program Car Key Remote

icon High-security safes

icon Access control

icon And many more

Residential Locksmith

To manage a convenient life, you need to secure your residential property by ensuring all locks and keys in your house function properly. You can take care of it yourself, but we advise you to entrust it to our professionals. We are experts in making your home secure.

Commercial Locksmith

If you have a business in Clearwater, Fl, one of your top priorities is to maintain your property, employees, inventories, and clients safe as you do your business. With the different commercial locksmith services and products, we can guarantee to secure your business from intruders. Install high-security systems on your commercial property by having one of our locksmiths assist you immediately at any time.

Auto Locksmith

Even car doors, locks, and keys that are known to last long also require automotive locksmith service occasionally. You may encounter lock and key-related problems with your car, such as a lockout. Thus, The Locksmith Guy has the expertise and experience to do an effective job on all kinds of vehicles, regardless of the brand, model, or security mechanism.


Fast Response

We avoid customers from wasting time while they undertake a locksmith emergency. These incidents are unpredictable and the minute that passes while our clients are waiting for a solution drives up the risk of their security and safety.

To solve the issue and regain the protection, we inspire our team to be committed to answering helplines immediately, evaluate the situation, and we dispatch a local locksmith with top-grade equipment within 15 minutes. Your needs are always our priority.

Cheap Prices

When you call us and need our help, you do not have to utilize all your resources to afford our top-notch locksmith help. We always try our best to maintain our charges low and do our service as a cost-efficient solution for your locksmith needs.

With a range of services and security products with different qualities from various brands, you can select a service that’s convenient for your budget. If you do not have an idea about how much you need to prepare when you need a locksmith service call, it’s not a problem. Just call us directly, explain the issue and we can give you a free quotation for our service.

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Services Performed At Your Location

We are a local company that offers mobile service for all locksmith concerns of the community. Our service is accomplished at your location and it’s our team who will come to your area. To have one of our quality locksmiths at your location, contact us, explain your situation, and we will arrive in a couple of minutes.

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Licensed Locksmiths
Locksmith in Clearwater

We established that one of our top priorities is to secure our locksmiths to obtain all the necessary training they need prior we send them to customers. In this strategy, we can guarantee that they have the capacity to provide outstanding customer reviews.

Furthermore, to maintain things upright, legal, and safe for our clients, all locksmiths in our company are duly licensed. It means that you can trust us, and no matter what happens, we are accountable for you.

Locksmith in Clearwater
24-hour Emergency Locksmith

Regardless of the time, whether early at dawn, midday, or late in the evening, The Locksmith Guy is available to assist you through your unique locks and keys issue.

Since we are locally owned and operated, it’s simple for us to cater a service call. Regardless of the locksmith issue, our professional locksmiths are always ready and available to assist your distinct situation. For excellent 24-hour emergency locksmith service in Clearwater, Florida contact us today.

Professional Locksmiths and Top-notch Equipment
The Locksmith Guy

Aside from the training that improves a locksmith’s skill, it cannot compete with the knowledge and professionalism that a locksmith attains in vast experiences in the field. From observing the clients and performing their requests we ensure these are helpful and of high quality.

We offer several types of training for our locksmiths, but they also have wide experiences serving all types of clients, it could be for residential, commercial, or automotive locksmith needs. With this, it is simple for us to assess what the actual problem is in every situation and look for proper solutions. For expert and reliable security service, The Locksmith Guy has got you back.

Solution Guaranteed Services

All of our locksmiths and technicians are equipped and reliable. They have the experience needed for all types of locks and keys services you search for. We strive to do a perfect task at all times and we’ll never leave you hanging no matter what happens and won’t stop serving you until we solve the problem.

Solution Guaranteed Services

All of our locksmiths and technicians are equipped and reliable. They have the experience needed for all types of locks and keys services you search for. We strive to do a perfect task at all times and we’ll never leave you hanging no matter what happens and won’t stop serving you until we solve the problem.

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