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Locksmith Seminole FL – At The Locksmith Guy, we provide clients in Seminole, FL with high quality professional locksmith services. So, if you have a problem with the locks on your car, home, or business, we have many local locksmiths that you can count on to put an end to your locksmith emergency at a budget-friendly price.

When you go with us, you can rest assured that you have a locksmith number on your phone you can count on to pick it up when you have a lock or key emergency.


Locksmith Seminole FL - Here are some of the areas that we can help you:

icon Lock installation

icon Key repair

icon High-security safes

icon Rekey locks

icon Lock change/replacement

icon Access control

icon Door problems

icon Broken keys extraction

icon and many more

icon Lockout service

icon Key remote programming

icon Lock installation

icon Rekey locks

icon Door problems

icon Lockout service

icon Key repair

icon Lock change/

icon Broken keys extraction

icon Key remote programming

icon High-security safes

icon Access control

icon and many more

If you have a problem with any of these and you think you need our service call us, and we’ll make sure to send a locksmith to your way as soon as possible! To know more about our locksmith in Seminole, FL, take a look at the services we provide and call now for a free quote.

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Residential Locksmith Services

Our homes are our safe haven. If you have a problem with your home’s lock or keys, such as a lockout, broken keys stuck in the cylinder, and keys malfunctioning, Our team of expert locksmiths are here for you with quality and affordable residential locksmith services in Seminole Florida.

Commercial Locksmith Services

At The Locksmith Guy, we have the experience, training, and skills necessary to provide top-notch services for businesses of all types and sizes. If you experience any lock and key problem, contact us today and we’ll be providing quality commercial locksmith services to help make your business locked safely.

Auto Locksmith Services

If you have a car lockout, keys getting jammed in the ignition, malfunctioning keys, and other car security issues, you need an auto locksmith that can  provide you help so your car can get going again. Just give us a call and we will send you an auto locksmith that will provide you with fast, reliable, and affordable service.


Seminole's Most Trusted Locksmith

Whether it’s for a lock, key, safes, car, home, or business, The Locksmith Guy is Seminole most trusted locksmith. Only hiring highly-skilled locksmiths and providing them with high quality training, we have formed most impressive team of professional locksmiths. So, if you have a problem with your locks, you’re locked out of your car, or your keys aren’t working, we have a variety of commercial, residential, and automotive locksmith services to deal with it. For the most trusted locksmiths, grab your phone, talk to our customer service team, and you can have locksmiths that you can rely on at any hour.

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Proudly Serving Your Area

If you need a professional locksmith that you can rely on to fix your lock, we will happily send one of our professionals to any place within and around Seminole. Contact us now, and let’s talk about how we can help you.

Seminole FloridaLocksmith Professionals
Locksmith Seminole FL

With years of experience in serving the Seminole FL community, our locksmiths have become loved local locksmiths in the community. According to our reviews, our locksmiths have helped many people during their unfortunate locksmith emergency.

When people get locked out of their car, want locks rekeyed in their home, their car’s trunk locked out, got their key broken inside the cylinder, almost everyone in the area knows who to call, and it’s The Locksmith Guy. Furthermore, we also make sure that all members of our personnel have a valid license to do their job properly.

So, the next time you have a key, door, safe, or lock problem, all you have to do is call us, and one of our professionals will have arrived before you know it. With reliable and experienced experts, we can keep you safe and secured. So, call us now to enjoy our services at a low cost.

Locksmith Seminole FL
Highly Skilled Services in Seminole, Florida

To ensure customer satisfaction, we have made it a top priority that we only hire highly-skilled technicians, so we can provide the quality of service you deserve. It’s to make sure that when you open your door, the guy you will see will be one of our top technicians ready to take care of your key, safe, lock, or any other problem.

So, if you need someone to install new security systems, unlock your trunk, inspect your house, and anything else to ensure your safety, contact us, and we’ll quickly send a technician your way.

Best Locksmiths in The Area
The Locksmith Guy

There’s a reason why we’re called the best locksmiths in the area. We follow high standards in our job; if you have broken locks, we can repair or replace them. Do you have expensive valuables? We can install safes. Do you want to use a master key for all your doors? We a have rekeying service. Whatever you need, we have a an expert with great skills and experience to arrive at your place and fix your problem.  Thanks to our dedication to following high standards, we have gained a great number of customers satisfied with us. 

Besides our efficient work and ability to adapt to any given situation, we also try our hardest to offer premium professional service at a very affordable cost. To have your lock replaced or unlocked at a budget-friendly price, reach out to us now, and our we will send one of our experts to solve your problem.

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When you have an emergency with your security system at home, your car, or at the office, or you just suddenly need to change your locks because it broke in the middle of the night and you can’t afford to take chances with security, of course, you want a quick response from your local locksmith at any hour. Without a reliable locksmith that can unlock, change, or rekey your locks to secure your house as soon as you find out the problem, you’re leaving your security at risk.

To get your home, business or car back in a safe and secure state, contact us at (727) 362-8165.


When you have an emergency with your security system at home, your car, or at the office, or you just suddenly need to change your locks because it broke in the middle of the night and you can’t afford to take chances with security, of course, you want a quick response from your local locksmith at any hour. Without a reliable locksmith that can unlock, change, or rekey your locks to secure your house as soon as you find out the problem, you’re leaving your security at risk.

To get your home, business or car back in a safe and secure state, contact us at (727) 362-8165.

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Your One-Stop Solution: Full-Service Locksmith Seminole, FL

At The Locksmith Guy, we pride ourselves on being your complete solution for all locksmith services in Seminole, FL. As a full-service provider, we offer a vast range of services covering every locksmithing facet. 


Our comprehensive services include residential, commercial, and automotive locksmith services and emergency lockouts. From replacing lost keys, installing new locks, rekeying services, and security system installations to providing professional advice on the best security measures to suit your needs, we have you covered. 


We strive to ensure every customer’s satisfaction by delivering high-quality, professional, and prompt service any hour of the day, any day of the week, making us your true one-stop Seminole locksmith solution.

Trusted by Locals: Professional Locksmith Services in Seminole, FL

Your Vehicle’s Best Friend: Automotive Locksmith Services in Seminole

Regarding your vehicle, you can’t afford to compromise on security and safety. The auto locksmith services provided by The Locksmith Guy in Seminole, FL, are here to ensure you never have to. We offer comprehensive services, including key replacements, ignition repair, and emergency lockouts, delivered by a team of specialists who know vehicles inside and out. So, whether you’ve misplaced your keys, your ignition won’t turn, or you need a broken key extraction, we have the skills and tools to get you back on the road swiftly and securely. 

In addition, we take the stress out of automotive locksmithing by offering rapid response and everyday availability. Our experts are trained to work with a broad range of vehicle makes and models, ensuring efficient service regardless of your automotive needs. With us, your vehicle’s security is in the best hands in Seminole.

Home Sweet Secure Home: Seminole Residential Locksmith Services

At The Locksmith Guy, we understand there’s no place like a safe and secure home. As your trusted Seminole residential locksmith service, we serve a range of solutions tailored to your unique home security needs. Whether lock installation, replacement, rekeying, or upgrading your home security system, our team has the expertise and equipment to secure your sanctuary. 

We also know that your home’s security needs may change over time. That’s why we also offer professional advice and consultations, helping you stay one step ahead of potential threats. With our around-the-clock availability, swift response times, and commitment to your peace of mind, you can fully rest easy knowing your home is protected with our Seminole locksmiths.

Securing Your Business Assets: Commercial Locksmith Services in Seminole

You need a dependable and professional commercial locksmith service to safeguard your business assets. The Locksmith Guy provides comprehensive commercial locksmith services in Seminole, FL, designed to keep your business premises secure and your mind at ease. From installing high-security locks and master keys and safe combination changes to access control systems, we have the expertise to handle all your business security needs. 

We also understand that time is of the essence in business operations. That’s why we commit to providing efficient services, ensuring minimal disruption to your business routine. With our everyday  availability and swift response, you can count on us to be there when you need us most. Trust us to be your partner in guarding your business assets.

Locked Out? No Panic: Emergency Lockout Services in Seminole

Lockouts can simply happen to anyone at any time, but there’s no need to panic when The Locksmith Guy is just a call away. Offering emergency lockout services in Seminole, FL, we’re committed to returning you safely and swiftly. Whether you’re locked out of your home, office, or car, our team has the right tools and knowledge to resolve your situation without causing any damage. 

We understand that lockouts can cause great stress and inconvenience, so we strive to provide locksmith service in a speedy and efficient response. With our availability and full commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust us to handle your lockout situation calmly and professionally. You’ll never be left out in the cold with The Locksmith Guy.

Locksmith FAQs

To find a reliable locksmith like The Locksmith Guy, you can start by asking for recommendations from friends or neighbors. Check online reviews and ensure the locksmith is licensed, insured, and bonded. The Locksmith Guy ticks all these boxes and offers professional service in Seminole, FL.

The average cost of a deadbolt lock can vary depending on its quality and type. We offer various deadbolt locks at competitive prices, balancing cost and quality.

Yes, our trained local locksmiths can use specific techniques to open doors without damaging or changing the locks, saving you the lock replacement cost.

Our professional locksmiths are skilled and equipped to open a wide range of doors, from residential and commercial doors to car doors, without causing any damage.

The duration of work can vary based on the complexity of the lock, but typically, our skilled FL Locksmith Seminole team can complete a lock change within 30 minutes.

Absolutely! At The Locksmith Guy, we provide rekeying services that can enhance the security of your home or business without the need for complete lock replacement.

Rekeying is usually cheaper than replacing locks. We do both services and can help you determine the most cost-effective solution.

If your keys are locked in your car, call us immediately. Our team offers swift, professional lockout services that will get you back on the road in no time.

Don’t panic, call us! We provide rapid response times to minimize inconvenience and ensure safety.

Changing your locks every few years is recommended, or when you move into a new home, lose your keys, or experience a break-in. The Locksmith Guy can provide regular lock changes to ensure your security.

Yes, it’s common practice to change locks when you buy a new house to ensure safety. We can assist with this, offering the peace of mind of knowing your new home is secure.

Typically, you’ll need to prove ownership or authorized access to the property. We operate with absolute discretion and respect for clients’ privacy and security.

Deadbolt locks are the most common for front doors due to their durability and security level. We have a wide selection of deadbolt locks to suit your security needs.